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ISA - Grand Lapa, Macau


With more than 50 years of industry experience, currently operating thirteen stores in Hong Kong and Macau. The stores located in popular tourist shopping area, which is highly visible and easily accessible to pedestrian traffic. ISA Boutique is adhered to the spirit of "honesty and faithfulness" and maintained the attitude of hospitality to satisfy customer needs. We are selling a complete assembly of the world’s renowned international fashion brands to meet the needs of their fashion forward customers. Whether your style is sophistication and elegance, or young and trendy, ISA Boutique can provide comprehensive choices.

VIP Offer
Upon purchasing $10,000 and downloading ISA's mobile app, guests can enjoy extra VIP discount.
Special Offer for Grand Lapa, Macau & Grand Coloane Resort
Upon showing hotel room key, Grand Lapa, Macau and Grand Coloane Resort guests can enjoy extra VIP discount when purchasing above $5,000.